Fabric expansion joints

Fabric expansion joints are manufactured with fabrics of special development and characteristics that allow them to withstand high temperatures and low pressures.

Non-metallic expansion joints allow applications with low pressures, from vacuum up to a maximum of 15 psi, with high temperatures. For this reason, they are commonly used in rectangular, square or circular ducts. These gaskets also have the function of absorbing the thermal expansion that occurs in a piping system; they are capable of absorbing axial, lateral and/or angular and torsional movements or any combination of them, freeing the system from great tensions, forces and moments. In fabric joints the flexible element is one or several fabrics and refractory materials. They are widely used in steel, thermoelectric, cement, refineries, petrochemical and chemical plants.

Fabric Expansion Joints

Are manufactured with fabrics from Korema of Germany or Saint Gobain England or other recognized manufacturers in the United States. The fabrics we use are recognized worldwide for their quality and experience in the development of solutions for temperatures up to 1000°C. All the metallic structure is manufactured in our plant, complying with the FSA (Fluid Sealing Association) Non-Metallic Expansion Joint Handbook, providing an effective and profitable solution to the industry, since its large size, transportation and handling make it very costly to import.

Flexilatina of Colombia has developed the following models for this type of joints:

TexPlus HT: This belt type model is very reliable and easy to assemble and/or repair in the field. Our TexPlus HT gasket can be manufactured for temperatures up to 1200°C and maximum pressure of 5 psi, and can be circular, square or rectangular.

TexFlex LT: This type of gasket, due to its manufacturing geometry, comes flanged or with beveled ends for field welding. It can work in applications with temperatures up to 450°C and pressures up to 5 psi.

The two models developed by Flexilatina, TexPlus HT and TexFlex LT, are ideal pieces to be installed in ducts that handle gases or hot air, their function is to absorb the movements caused by thermal expansion. Fabric gaskets are the only flexible elements that can absorb combined movements caused by expansion, i.e. axial, lateral and/or angular, and they are also the only pieces that can withstand torsion.

Their selection should be made by experts in flexible elements; Flexilatina has a team of engineers specialized in this type of applications, with great experience and with designs installed with a long time of work.

Fabric expansion joints

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