Rupture discs solutions

Rupture discs

Overpressure can result in devastating events, which is why Fike rupture discs have been trusted for more than 75 years to “burst” precisely when called upon to relieve pressure and protect workers and businesses from a potential disaster.

Rupture discs are devices to be mounted on pressurized systems and their function is to ensure pressure relief in cases where the system pressure reaches critical values, which jeopardize the stability of the system.

All pressurized systems and/or vessels designed under ASME criteria, must have an overpressure protection system, according to ASME section VIII, Div 1, one of these are rupture discs and the other are safety valves.

Rupture discs can be mounted as primary overpressure protection systems, as secondary systems or in combination with safety valves.

Why Choose Fike Rupture Discs?

Fike is an industrial safety solutions provider whose products are trusted around the world to protect workers, mission-critical assets and the businesses themselves. Yet, it all began in 1945 with the creation of its first safety device, the Fike rupture disc.

Ever since, the Fike team has worked to expand their rupture disc offerings into new applications, to perfect performance, and to reduce lead times. That’s why Fike is one of the pioneers of modern rupture disc technology, and will continue to be for the years and decades ahead. Because so much is at stake™.

Fike has a wide rupture discs portfolio, in order to meet the requirements of multiple industries:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food and beverages
  • Oil & gas
  • Chemical

G2 Premium

Forward Acting



NameFike RD500, RD520, RD540Poly-SD, SCRD, HOV, AD, P SeriesAxius® SCCustom engineered, Extruder RD
FunctionFike’s proprietary G2 manufacturing technology results in reverse-acting rupture discs with the best operating ratios, burst tolerances, cycle life and backpressures available.Available in a range of materials and sizes and suitable for ambient to high pressures. Best solution for applications without the requirement of a minimum free vapor volume.Free of any indentations or crevices which may trap process contaminants and designed with CIP/SIP functionality makes Axius® SC ideal for bio-tech, pharmaceutical and food and beverage applications.Available for applications where Fike standard rupture discs and holders require modifications or complete re-engineering to meet your unique needs.

Rupture disc solutions

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