During an emergency situation (plant shutdown, equipment failure, etc.) you cannot afford to wait for a standard delivery to get your industrial pipe fittings. Understanding this need of our customers, we created the premium emergency experience, which is the most reliable and efficient solution for those who need our engineered solutions in record time.

Advantages and benefits

Immediate reply to your inquiry

Our sales department will provide you with a detailed quotation in record time, including product price, standard delivery time and the additional cost of the Premium Service.

Guaranteed delivery in record time

Our Logistics Department will help you find the most suitable transport for your industrial pipe accessories, considering the shortest transit time, competitive costs, etc., guaranteeing delivery in record time.

High Priority Production

Once the request is accepted, your order will receive a “high priority treatment” in our factory. This means that it will go directly to each stage of production avoiding any delay.

Tracking of your shipment

We will follow up and update you on the status of your order.

Request Premium Service

If you are in an emergency situation, you can request a PREMIUM SERVICE.

Please contact us:

+57 312 4292484

You will receive an immediate response.

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