Pressure transmitters adjustment with HART protocol

We adjust and scale your intelligent pressure transmitters that have HART® Protocol as communication system, after a calibration, in case the instrument shows out-of-class deviations or after an assembly and filling of seals.

We can also scale (change the measuring range or calibration) the transmitters in case customer requires it.

What is a communication protocol?

An industrial communication protocol is used to control a plant or process. In the market there are different types of protocols, which are adjusted to the needs of each process. There are protocols that are developed by the instrument manufacturers.

What is the HART® communication protocol?

HART – Highway Addressable Remote Transducer Protocol

(Highway Addressable Remote Transducer Protocol)

It is a communication protocol designed for industrial process measurement and control applications.

In the 90’s the Hart Communication Foundation was created, a non-profit foundation among the companies that adopted this protocol, ensuring that it was open and remained so for the benefit of the industry.

Basically it is a program designed to communicate bidirectionally with intelligent transmitters of pressure, temperature, level, etc., in order to parameterize the different variables that internally compose this type of instruments.

The intelligent pressure transmitters have one or more industrial communication protocols designed to communicate internally with the instrument through a field communicator or HMI, host device or a computer. This protocol allows all transmitter design parameters to be viewed and modified according to your process needs.

The HART® (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) Communication Protocol is one of them.

How is communication established?

Communication is established by means of an interface (communication modem) connected between a Host device or PC and the transmitter, or a field communicator or HMI and the transmitter. In this way, the field communicator or HMI, Host device and/or a program on your PC recognizes the transmitter letting you see all the instrument parameters such as accuracy, spam, resolution, temperature URL, URV, LRV, etc. with the option to modify them according to your needs.

This protocol is based on the Bell 202 standard telephone communication system and operates using the Frequency Shift Keying (FSK) principle.

The HART® protocol has an analog signal that overlays and transmits digital data; the analog signal travels in one direction, however, digital information can travel in both directions using the HART® digital communication signal.

In this way the transmitter can send information to a controlled device such as a valve, for example, and also receive information from that device such as a diagnostic of its operating condition.

Which are the advantages of this type of communication protocol?

  • Receiving and sending important information in a process.
  • Making adjustments to the configuration of both the transmitter and the device to be controlled.
  • Making parameter and data adjustments from the host or PC.
  • Provides operational flexibility.
  • Reliable data transmission.
  • Open protocol, no operating licenses.
  • In the case of a calibration, communication and taking readings is faster, and in case the transmitter shows deviations above the maximum permissible error, it can be adjusted more reliably and accurately.
  • Blind transmitters (without local indication) can be calibrated and adjusted without having the calibrator to take readings.

Pressure transmitters adjustment with HART protocol

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