When NOT to do Pipe Stress Analysis

Pipe Stress Analysis


  • * Twin to another one that is working (diameter, geometry, temperature, material).
  • * Similar to another one of larger diameter, which is working.
  • * With ambient temperature
  • * Buried pipe
  • * With diameter less than or equal to 2 1/2″.

When IF to do flexibility analysis (Pipe Stress Analysis).


* With severe operating conditions.
* High risk (temperature > 300 ºC) or dangerous fluids that can cause serious damage.
* With sensitive equipment and require studies that allow manufacturers to release their equipment with warranty.
* That there is maximum interest in economy for having special material.
* Excessively rigid for having large diameters or wall thicknesses.
* To be located in existing installations with space restrictions.

Why it should be done

* Protection of the infrastructure that will support the pipeline.
* Protection of sensitive equipment connected to the system.
* Protection to the pipe.

How it should be done

Every effort should be made to maintain the geometry designed by the customer.

* Using flexible elements (expansion joints, spring supports).
* Changing the geometry (decreasing disproportions between sides, improving symmetry, increasing the length of the pipe, going from flat to three-dimensional systems).
* Freeing the system; the freer a system is, the more self-flexible it is.

* Replacing fixed points with other types of supports.

* Changing the location of supports.
* Pre-tensioning (Cold Spring)



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