The measurement of pressure and temperature in industry will always require the use of bourdon type mechanical pressure gauges and bimetallic thermometers. In any industrial plant there will be points in the process where a visual reading is simply required. Aware of this, Flexilatina launched Galileo® to offer economical and high quality measurement solutions.

Galileo® has a portfolio of process pressure gauges in different ranges, dial diameters, connections and materials, as well as bimetallic or column thermometers, also in different dials, ranges and connections. It is important to mention that all our Galileo® pressure gauges have been tested in our Pressure Laboratory and are supplied and guaranteed to meet the accuracy offered. Thermometers are also calibrated on our dry test bench.

Our experience in the line of instruments for measuring pressure and temperature is more than 25 years and this has allowed us to establish a reliable image around all the brands we supply. Galileo® is conceived for the Colombian industry; Flexilatina’s technical staff has visited the manufacturer on several occasions and we have been able to confirm the high quality standards used for its manufacture; this is why we extend to our customers a one-year quality guarantee.

Today, with great pride, thousands of instruments are operating in different industries nationwide and this confidence that many customers have placed in Galileo®, allows us to offer it to all types of industry as an economical solution of high quality. Our stock is more and more versatile and complete, which allows us to fulfill and deliver in very short terms.



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