Our pressure laboratory has been accredited by ONAC in pressure calibration for 12 years.

An accreditation provides benefits to Conformity Assessment Bodies (laboratories) -OEC-, as well as to regulators, businessmen and final consumers since it tends towards safety, quality, optimization of processes and resources, and, consequently, towards the confidence in the services we provide as an accredited laboratory.

In addition to this, the experience of more than 20 years calibrating pressure gauges, more than 35 years in the market of these instruments and 12 years of being accredited by the National Accreditation Body of Colombia ONAC provides an added value to our service as it further increases confidence under the premise that a process, system or item is tested and accepted worldwide and that the tasks are performed in the best way according to procedures, methods and standards monitored periodically.

12 years performing the tasks under an accredited quality management system, allows us to assure our customers that the calibration services we offer, contribute significantly to reduce the risks associated with the quality or safety of the goods or services subject to evaluation. This vast experience allows us to contribute to the transfer of knowledge, bringing international standards and practices to our customers, as a source of independent and impartial advice. Flexilatina de Colombia is able to demonstrate competence, through compliance with globally accepted requirements, aligned with the best practices of conformity assessment.

Likewise, our facilities and equipment have the technical characteristics valued during this elapsed time and under the regulations that ensure functionality and confidence, as well as qualified personnel working under the same precepts established in 12 years of experience based on concrete processes.

Thanks to these 12 years of accreditation we are able to calibrate the instruments of our customers in less time and more efficiently, in addition we have been continuously recognizing points where we have incorporated continuous improvements in the processes, minimizing risks with the consequent increase of confidence in our results.

Let us advise you and share with you these 12 years of experience in calibrations with the support of our quality management system accredited by ONAC.



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