Antivibration Mounts Vicoda-Lisega

Lisega’s fittings for dynamic applications (Antivibration Mounts Vicoda-Lisega) are elements that are mounted, external to the pipeline, to protect it from damage caused by dynamic events. Dynamic events are classified as internal events such as water hammer, safety valve trips, thermal shocks and external events such as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, earthquakes or explosions. All the above events, besides seriously affecting the pipeline and the infrastructure that contains it, also affect the equipment connected to it, such as boilers, pumps, turbines, compressors, heat exchangers, reactors, valves, etc.

The operating mode of LISEGA Type 31 hydraulic snubbers is based, in principle, on the same concept as Type 30. The particularities of size require a different arrangement of the equalizing reservoir. At the same time, a different arrangement of the valves is also necessary.

The big question for those responsible for industrial plants is: Are critical pipelines protected in case of such an event?

The accessories for Lisega dynamic applications that protect against this type of phenomena are :

  • Hydraulic snubbers (Snubbers / shock absorbers)
  • Energy absorbers (Energy absorbers)
  • Mechanical Restraints (Rigid struts)

For the connection of these elements, Lisega has a complete portfolio of dynamic connectors such as tensioning fittings, washers and clamps; all of them allow the perfect perfomance of the accessories.

The absorption and transfer of moving loads requires specially designed supports.  A complete product portfolio covering all fields of application is provided with the ideal component.

The use of dampers is preferred in thermally operated plant components. In a dynamic event, dampers instantly provide a fixed and practically rigid connection between the component to be secured and the surrounding structure. In this way, the dynamic energy of the abrupt displacement can be absorbed at once and dissipated without causing damage. Thermal displacements during routine operation remain free of any significant resistance, thanks to the specialized operating principles of the dampers.

LISEGA dampers are characterized by superior functionality and durability due to:

  • Corrosion resistant materialsRadiation and wear resistant sealing systems
  • Vibration-resistant guides
  • Pressurized hydraulic system for optimal sealing
  • Dynamic functional behavior
  • Tested and approved for a minimum of 23 years of maintenance-free operation
  • Service life of 60 years
  • Certified by suitability testing according to acc. to KTA 3205.3 and approvals according to ASME-NCA 3800

For the correct selection and use of the elements for Lisega dynamic events, there must always be a previous dynamic study of the piping system.

Antivibration Mounts Vicoda-Lisega

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