Fike DFI block valve, to be mounted in explosion protection systems, when combustible dusts are present.

Fike has developed the DFI valve to be installed when working with combustible dusts in food, milling or paper industries. The immediate thing to do in industries with this risk is venting, which consists of mounting vent panels or vents on equipment such as filters, centrifuges, separators, mills, hoppers or bucket elevators. The vent panels act as fuses in case of explosion, if they were well selected, the vent area that opens is able to dislodge the fireball and within nanoseconds, lower the pressure and prevent the explosion of the equipment. While it is true that this protects, it is very important to understand that fire seeks fuel to travel and this is found in enriched atmospheres that are in the ducts that carry air from the intake points to the equipment. If what is really intended is to protect the entire plant, one of the most effective solutions is to insulate.

In order to make a total isolation and close the passage to the fireball, the most suitable is the Fike DFI valve. Because of its construction and operation, the DFI valve is the best accessory to stop an explosion event. The DFI valve is ATEX approved and its operation generates hermeticity in an event where the pressure rises immediately. It can be mounted in horizontal or vertical ducts, it always has a flow direction that must be respected and must always be mounted upstream of explosion risk equipment. The DFI valve is very versatile and can work with dusts that have a high Kst and Pmax.

In conclusion, the ideal for industries that work with combustible dusts, and want to protect their plant and their human capital, is to do venting and isolation. Most likely, after performing a DHA (Dust Hazard Analysis) and having determined the risk of each dust that works, the next step is to protect equipment and people; that is where Flexilatina, as a representative of Fike, enters to generate a design of what is required.

Whenever you think about venting and/or isolation, do not hesitate to contact us, we have many applications working optimally and the support of Fike, pioneer in this type of protection.



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