Flexilatina Colombia, leader in the Colombian market in design, manufacture and marketing of products for static sealing, insulation and fastening kits, in 2014 decided to register the DINASEAL brand to manufacture nationwide, die-cut gaskets, spiral wound gaskets, insulation kits and threaded fasteners among the most prominent.

The static sealing and fastening plant of Flexilatina de Colombia in Bogota Colombia, has a production area of more than 1360 m2, equipment and tools of the latest technology for the manufacture of static sealing and fastening accessories.

DINASEAL solutions are:


The production plant manufactures die-cut gaskets in elastomer sheets, aramid fibers, graphite fibers and Modified PTFE.


Manufactured in diameters from ½” to 60″ in standard WR or WRI formats, materials available in fillers, graphite, PTFE, Mica and ceramic, metallic materials, CRS; 304 SS, 316L SS, 321 SS, 347 SS and Monel.


DINASEAL Ring Joints are commercialized in Oval, Octagonal, RX and BX formats in materials such as Soft Iron, Low carbon Steel, 304 SS, 316L SS.


Insulation kits designed and manufactured to generate static sealing and electrically isolate flanged joints.


Studs, nuts and bolt sets manufactured to fix flanges on pipe lines. In studs we handle references B7, B8, B7M, B8M and in nuts we handle 2H, GR 8, GR8M, 2HM among the most common.

All DINASEAL products are manufactured with the highest quality standards according to international standards such as ASME, ASTM, NACE and DIN.

The engineering department of sealing and fastening solutions can advise you in the selection and correct installation of a product. All fittings are distributed with their respective quality certificate to guarantee the correct traceability of the products.



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