In Flexilatina Colombia we implement different tests to the flexible products manufactured according to the standards and manufacturing processes.

Flexible metal hoses:

According to the ISO 10380 standard, all flexible metallic hoses undergo a leak test to verify its tightness, this test must be held for a minimum time of 2 min. in order to make a visual verification, at a pressure of 2 BAR (30 PSI Approx.).

In addition to this test, a calibration certificate of the pressure gauge issued by an accredited laboratory and all the material certificates of the manufactured product are enclosed.

If requested by the customer, we perform hydrostatic tests, normally performed at 1.25 times the working pressure. The test holding time depends on the hose diameter; In flexible metallic hoses, we have a range of 600 PSI for diameters ≤ 2″ and 400 PSI for diameters > 2″ and ≤ 6″.

Metallic expansion joints:

To all types of flexible metallic joints manufactured by us we perform a penetrant dye test on the weld between the pipe and the bellows according to ASME SECTION VIII – DIVISION I APPENDIX 8 or also quoted in EJMA standard, taking into account the group of stainless materials and carbon steels.

Ink test on bellows type 1

Type 2 bellows inks test                                   

Our metallic expansion joints are always hydrostatically tested at 1.25 times the working pressure. If required by the customer, Flexilatina can perform other types of tests such as RX or metallographic tests.

All this allows us to offer our customers 100% reliable and safe solutions. Any accessory to be assembled in an industrial plant, whether metal hose or expansion joint, must be perfectly tested; not using a reliable supplier generates a risk that translates into cost.



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