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Variable-load spring support

The variable load spring supports are external accessories to the pipes, they are mounted to allow the vertical movement of the pipes but always supporting the weight of the pipe. The major difference with constant load supports is that variable load supports generate a reaction that is transmitted to the system throughout the movement.

Lisega’s variable load spring hangers are world renowned for being the only ones that have no welds in their manufacture, the springs are pre-relaxed, all spring surfaces are galvanized or painted with corrosion resistant epoxy paint and their locking system is easy to adjust.

Variable load supports should not be used for vertical movements greater than 50 mm. They can be pendant or pedestal mounted, in both cases dual systems can be used.

Lisega supports comply with international standards MSS SP 58 and VGB R 510 L.

Variable load spring support – Features

  • The resistance varies with the load, they are a good solution in most cases.
  • Hanging and support brackets are available for different loads.
  • How a variable spring support responds to load depends on the characteristics of the spring inside it.
  • Each spring has a spring constant that is expressed in units of pounds F/inch, kilograms F/millimeter or N/mm of compression.
  • The spring size is determined by the load while the number of springs required (length) is determined by the expected range of motion.
  • These supports are manufactured according to MSS SP-58 and MSS SP-59 of the Manufacturers Standardization Society.
  • The load range varies from 20 to 24500 Kg with displacements from 0 to 355 mm.

Para la correcta selección de los soportes, debe existir un previo estudio de flexibilidad (Stress analysis), en este se calculan, las fuerzas y movimientos en los puntos de soportación.  Lisega ofrece, de forma gratuita el software LICAD®, siempre disponible en el website de Lisega, este software facilita la selección de cada soporte y los accesorios necesarios para su montaje, siempre basado en el ASME.

Variable-load spring support

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