A JEB-FLEX model body is entirely manufactured in EPDM, an elastomer with excellent properties of chemical resistance, thermal aging due to exposure to sun rays and ozone, and can be manufactured in other elastomers upon request.

They are manufactured with carbon steel reinforcement rings, sized according to ASME B 16.5 class 150 standard, or other standards upon request.

This model is mainly indicated for applications where large axial, lateral or angular movement capacities are required, low constant, and PVC pipes, glass fibers, or other plastics, carbon steel, stainless steel, etc.

It is used to absorb thermal expansion movements of pipes or vibration originated in equipment, minimizing its effects on the pipes and the equipment where they are connected. A simple model JEB FLEX, releases axial force due to the internal pressure that must be retained by the fixed points of installation.

The model with tensioners JEB-FLEX-T self retains this axial force through supports and tensioners, allowing only an absorption of lateral movements and vibration.

Installation diagram

The good performance of rubber expansion joints depends fundamentally on their correct assembly. The tightening given by the studs must be able to produce an absolute tightness in the system, trying however not to exceed the maximum tightening recommended in Figure 10. The tightening must be carried out intercalated to guarantee uniformity in the compression of the rubber gasket and must not exceed 15% C1.

The installation lengths given in the dimensional table must be strictly respected.



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