Activation technologies – Explosive devices

Activation Technologies – Explosive Devices for the Oil & Gas Industry.

The industry demands reliable performance from tools used in oil and gas drilling, completion and production. Whether the application is onshore or offshore, upstream or midstream.

Flexilatina represents Fike, an organization that has a long experience, history and reputation for manufacturing safety systems for equipment in high pressure environments.


Fike’s hydraulic conduit drains for use with deepwater drilling tools, downhole devices and other offshore drilling and oil drilling applications provide an accurate method of equalizing the fluid level in pipe strings without mechanical manipulation. Fike HTD rupture discs, used as standard equipment, drastically reduce the frequency of stuck pipe strings that necessitate the removal of wet strings and other casing problems associated with oilfield equipment.

Fike rupture discs for hydraulic pipeline drainage offer a number of advantages:

  • Provide a positive indication of open drainage
  • Eliminate unreliable safety pin devices
  • Resist corrosion for improved reliability and cost-effectiveness
  • Available in three operating pressures suitable for most pipe diameters, adding flexibility
  • Eliminate moving mechanical parts, improving pressure and reliability
  • Eliminate fragile O-rings that can be damaged during assembly and lead to oilfield failures


Separator process vessels are known to experience overpressure states that can lead to dangerous and even catastrophic events. Fike’s versatile CPD rupture disc allows for vessel depressurization, emergency relief of pressure equipment, and vapor venting. Installation of Fike’s CPD rupture disc allows protection of typical wellhead snags when flow lines become stuck or if valves are inadvertently left closed.

The CPD rupture disc has no moving parts for increased reliability even under difficult operating conditions; it also offers millisecond response time for emergency pressure relief. The rugged CPD rupture disc is well suited for pressure relief protection and pressure activation in many oilfield applications, such as separators, storage tanks, filtration systems, free water separators and wellhead protection.


Select Fike’s blowout-setting rupture disc holders for oilfield applications if you want safe performance and easy installation/repair that solve all your pressure relief needs.


Fike’s Knock-Fit or Wing Nut Fitting Rupture Disc Holder is designed for hard-to-reach installation locations, such as oilfield applications. The unique proven design of the blow-fit allows for quick installation and easy assembly and disassembly of the units. Built to withstand the force of a hammer, the blow-fit rupture disc is well suited for surface production and drilling applications.

Designed to fit Fike’s CPD rupture disc. The Knock-Fit Rupture Disc Holder features a 30° angled seating surface that provides the compression needed to securely hold the rupture disc in place. Fike’s Knock-Fit Rupture Disc Holder fits most discs in the industry with a standard 30° seating.


The setting type rupture disc holder is a three-piece unit consisting of a base flange (inlet), a ground clamp flange (outlet) and a union nut. The 30° angled seating surfaces of these brackets are machined to hold conventional P/CPV series and HO/HOV series pre-cambered rupture discs. The floor and base clamp flanges hold the rupture disc, while the union nut provides the necessary compression to create a metal-to-metal joint.

The fit-type rupture disc holders can be incorporated into a pressure system by means of welded, threaded or combination connections.


For deep hole and offshore drilling tools.

With more than 70 years of experience in rupture disc manufacturing technology, Fike has developed a pressure activation device (PAD) to meet the growing need within recovery and exploration applications. This rupture disc is available in two configurations, PAD-A for pressure activation from the annulus and PAD-IBP for pressure activation inside the tubing or drillstring of oilfield equipment.

These reliable and cost-effective pressure activation breakaway devices (PADs) offer a number of advantages:

  • Eliminate safety pin devices.
  • Breakout tolerances as low as ±2% for high accuracy
  • Easy installation and replacement
  • 90% operating ratio
  • Wide range of burst pressures available
  • Positive sealing capability
  • Compact monobloc design


Fike offers a wide variety of power production devices that work with downhole tools from OEM partners. Fike’s power production devices are subjected to the most stringent testing and can operate within a wide range of temperatures and pressures. Fike’s team of power production engineers are experts in the use and manufacture of pyrotechnic equipment and can design products for specific tools and tolerances.


Fike’s delay fuse provides a 6-minute delay (at room temperature) for the detonation of guns lowered with the production tubing (TCP). The delay is approximately 4 minutes at 218 °C. The fuse complies with API RP-67 and is CE approved.


The fuse igniter is a stand-alone multipurpose detonator designed for use in oil and gas well exploration, completion and production applications. It can be used to initiate delays, explosive trains and other downhole oilfield devices.


Percussion initiators are percussion activated and are used in oil and gas well completion operations. They are commonly used in downhole operations with production tubing (TCP) to initiate the detonation string of perforating guns for oil and gas well completions.


With this gas generation technology, Fike can help you provide power to downhole drilling devices, your deep-hole drilling tools and other oilfield applications. Using different propellants, Fike combines this new technology with its more than 70 years of rupture disc experience to offer a unique line of current producing tools, providing you with instant downhole power to move tools, trigger events, stop events, extend, push, pull and much more.

Downhole applications include:

  • Valves (piston operated)

Downhole communications


  • Downhole
  • For use subsea
  • Anchor line

Pin Pushers / Pin Pullers

  • Downhole Sleeve Activators
  • Setting tools
  • Chamber opening or communication passages


  • Borehole disconnect
  • Internal tool release

Gas generation

Provides power supplies for an extended period of time to create desired activity

Activation technologies – Explosive devices

Overpressure and explosion protection solutions

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