The correct selection of a spring support is based on a flexibility analysis that is performed to a piping system, this study determines the loads and movements that will have the support points (vertical movement) and its variation when the system enters into operation.

Generally the use of spring supports is used to balance the forces and moments that can be generated in the nozzle of an equipment (for example a turbine), to relieve very high tensions in the pipe and to avoid that this loses slenderness in very long vertical sections and to relieve loads.


The types of spring support used in these processes can be of constant load or variable load; which have some selection criteria that depend on the displacement that they have with respect to the spring axis, when the point (node) enters in operation. Another important aspect is the support load, which determines the size and model of the support.

Lisega housings have special features that make them special. Their standard finish, in the case of the spring, is first shotblasted and then coated with a 60 µm Zinc enriched primer and finally, the final coating is applied. They are protected against corrosion by a film of not less than 120 µm.

Among other important features of our supports is that they are seamless and all have nameplates which indicate all spring characteristics.

The springs used by Lisega for variable or constant load supports are subjected to a relaxation period, since when they are helically bent, important tensions are generated, which if not eliminated can alter their load by 10%.

We are exclusive representatives in Colombia of the Lisega brand, a German manufacturer. Flexilatina has a test bench where we calibrate supports and additionally, we inspect and repair.



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