Flexilatina Colombia manufactures soft gaskets with elastomeric sheets, aramid fibers, carbon fibers, pure graphite, graphite with insertion, PTFE or Mica among the most used in the amilentiary, chemical, petrochemical, gas and oil industries.

We have a series of equipment and devices for the precise cutting of these materials.

Die cutting machine: Used in the manufacture of standardized packaging according to international standards such as ASME B 16.21, DIN, JIS among the most common. Also used to make packaging in series and/or large quantities.

Cutting compass: Indicated to manufacture non-standardized circular gaskets according to international standards and small quantities that do not require the manufacture of a die.

Electric cutting tools: For packaging materials with metal inserts or very large dimensions, cutting tools such as polishers, drills, motor tools or punches are used. All this equipment is guided by devices that guarantee minimum manufacturing tolerances, developing superior quality gaskets.

Standard sheet sizes for soft packaging fabrication generally come in 40″ (1016 mm) wide x 40″ (1016 mm) long or 60″ (1524 mm) wide x 60″ (1524 mm) long. When a gasket with dimensions larger than these standard formats is required, Flexilatina de Colombia makes the gaskets with dovetail joint; the tolerances of this joint are the smallest possible, guaranteeing a correct operation with the different operating conditions that can be found in piping lines.



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