Wika is the world’s leading manufacturer of mechanical pressure measuring instruments. We offer a wide range of instruments, suitable for every industry and every type of pressure. Pressure measuring instruments indicating relative pressure, absolute pressure or differential pressure have been tested millions of times.

When a mechanical pressure gauge is used to measure pressure and the gauge fails, it is impossible to replace it without stopping the line. Needle valves are the ideal solution to allow the replacement of a pressure gauge while the line is in operation. For these valves, it is advisable to use those with purge, because it facilitates the operation of the line.

Needle valves, due to their construction, allow to regulate flow and have a hermetic seal. They are manufactured in different materials, the most common being 304, 304L, 316 and 316 stainless steels, carbon steel or special alloys. The connection to the process is normally threaded in ¼” and ½”; the instrument threads into the valve in those same diameters.

When using intelligent transmitters to measure pressure, always use needle valves or manifolds, which are nothing more than 2 or up to 5 integrated valves, with their respective drains, in a solid block and intercommunicated. Manifolds are the ideal solution to connect pressure measuring instruments and to be able to interact in operations of setting, maintenance, draining, testing or replacement of one or more transmitters. They can be connected directly to the process or through tubings to one or more points.

Flexilatina has for the Colombian market, apart from the Wika brand, other brands that offer a variety in selection and/or price, such as Winters or Zaes.



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