We import full thread studs, nuts and washers in N06002, trade name HASTELLOY X. This is a nickel-chromium-iron-molybdenum alloy, manufactured on a nickel base containing approximately 22% chromium for exceptional resistance to oxidation at high temperatures. All fittings come with material certificates. HASTELLOY X studs, nuts and washers are made from high-quality, high-tech steel. HASTELLLOY X is stable, strong and ductile at high temperatures, these are its most notable characteristics that are often used in gas turbine components and furnace components. It can be welded by metal arc, gas-tungsten arc, gas-metal arc and submerged arc processes. The oxidation resistance of Alloy X is excellent up to 2200°F (1204°C).


GradeHastelloy Alloy X / UNS N06002
SpecificationIS, BS, ASTM, ASME
Standar ASTM B572, ASME SB572
Length3mm to 200mm
Diameter3/6″ to 2″, M3 – M56
ShapeEspárragos, tuercas, tornillos, arandelas
ApplicationIndustria automotriz, Ingeniería, Oíl & Gas, intercambiadores de calor y condensadores, refinerías y petroquímicas, centrales eléctricas, construcción naval etc.

Grade of specification

Hastelloy XN060022.4665

Chemical composition

Hastelloy XNiCMoMnSiFeCuTiCoCr
Balance0.05-0.158.0-10.01.0 máx.1.0 máx.17.0-20.00.50 máx.0.15 máx.0.5-2.520.5-23.0