Models JEB-FLEX-D (Hinged with Hinge).
JEB-FLEX-C Models (Hinged with Cardan).

A JEB-FLEX-D model of a hinged rubber-bodied expansion joint is designed to absorb coplanar angular movements.

A JEB-FLEX-C model designed to absorb spatial angular movements and can be used in conjunction with a hinged model to solve a variety of thermal expansion problems (see typical installation drawing).

The bodies are manufactured entirely in EPDM, an elastomer with excellent properties of chemical resistance, thermal aging, exposure to sunlight and ozone. Other elastomers on request.

The standard flange bores are according to ASME B 16.5 class 150, and can be manufactured according to DIN PN 10/16 on request.

The JEB-FLEX-D and JEB-FLEX-C models are mainly recommended for applications where it is required to absorb large amounts of movements and low stresses resulting from these movements, in PVC pipes, fiberglass, or other plastics, carbon steel and stainless steel, minimizing the thermal effects on the pipes and connected equipment.

Hinged and cardanic structures are designed to contain a pressure reaction force caused by internal pressure, using supports, cardanic rings and shafts for this purpose.

For angular movement, pressure and maximum temperature, (see table 6 or assembly drawing) follow the same recommendations as the JEB-FLEX model.

Diagram of typical installations.

Figures a, b, c, d, of Figure 2 are applications of two or three JEB-FLEX-D absorbing large values of thermal expansion movements.

Figures e, f show a combination of 2 JEB-FLEX-C cardan joints and a JEB-FLEX-D hinge joint absorbing large values of thermal expansion.

PF: Fixed point

GUA: Axial unidirectional guide.

GMD: Support.



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